Aug 26, 2010

one little girl

i met this 5 years old girl. she's so adorable. she's chubby and i can't help myself from staring at her from the first time. she's so attractive, friendly, independent, etc. my dad met his friend at alamanda and that little girl happen to be the granddaughter of my father's friend.

the time she open her mouth asking the granddaddy to buy her toys, i start to admire her. her granddaddy said that nobody had taught her to speak in english. she learnt it by herself by only watching cartoon 24/7.

me and mama actually sat on the other table and she with her granddaddy and my father were at the other table. then, she start to wondering around on her own until finally she asked her dad to buy her toys. instead of saying "atuk! i want that" she said "e, i need toys". you should hear how she ask. like a 100% clone of television advertisement.

then after her granddaddy bought her barbie doll, instead of saying "barbie doll" she said "look, i have dolly" and sat next to me and mama as been instructed by her granddaddy. she called her granddaddy "e" because she refuse to call tuk cik and call her granny "mummy".

like really i adore her so much. i played with her with the dolly and she can't stop saying "hey..." like the one we used to hear in the cartoon. like totally with the tone, voice. and she can't stop smiling at passers by and said "dolly needs make up", "dolly needs a hairdo", "dolly need to go shopping". she's very brilliant i must say.

and then finally, yang lebih mencuit hati tu.. she independently walk to the beverages stall since we're actually sitting at the food court i forgot to mention. oh, before that she asked me to hold her dolly by saying "hey.. hold the dolly for me". she then wave her hands to the cashier as she's not that tall to see the 'kakak' behind the counter table. memang dia tak takut orang betul. then i saw she's pointing at something. then, smile and laugh.. and finally her mission accomplished when she went back to sit beside me with a beverage with her. she call it grape lit and i feel stupid to not knowing what was that.

bila nak bayarkan akak tu cakap dia belanja je adik tu. see, she's that adorable sampai orang pun suka ade dekat dengan dia.

rasa macam nak bawak balik pun ada. adorable sangat la. dan sayangnya aku lupa nak amik gambar dia sebab sibuk sangat tengok telatah dan gelagat dia.


♥ jυℓєѕ said...

ni masa di alamanda ke?

azwin khairuddin said...

yep. masa kat alamanda time jumpe kwn bpk aku tu. aku ade gtau kn?