Aug 15, 2010


Happy fasting to all muslims. Im helping mama with to sell lauk-pauk during this Ramadhan. it was fun. unfortunately on 13th August, 3rd of Ramadhan, there's a heavy rain in Malacca. we're all under the canopy but we still got wet. luckily nobody's hurt and that we manage to sell all the lauk-pauk that day. then on the following night, we heard the news that there's tiny twister at jasin's bazaar. 3 died, which one of them are the customer and 2 of them are the seller. inalillah.

may Allah bless us. i'm off to batu pahat for buka puasa with the cousins. excited!


• azra • said...

rindu nak g bazaar kat melaka.
rindu rindu rindu.

azwin khairuddin said...

datang la bila-bila free. ehehe