Sep 30, 2010

Bug off!

Firstly i must say i write this for my own satisfaction if not, i won't be able to get to bed. Oh, how i hate it. I hate this attitude of mine. I must do this.

Well, the entry goes like this. I wanted to tell you that even if i eat lots and still not getting any bigger or even if i wanted to eat my heart out that so not your bloody problem alright. none of anyone business. I have like this eating disorder or what so ever it is, that's my own self problem k. I mean, please.. I'm sick and tired of this. Telling the same answer to every different person. Come on. Wish i had a machine or robot to help me out here. Why does people bother? Even me myself don't bother much. Even if i do so, it's my body. I'm trying to be grateful for what God have given me here. Don't they understand it? No matter how i avoid this i know you just can't stop questioning this. I don't mean to stop you. Let them be it, and let me be me. So, if ever you guys see me showing face you'll know what that supposed to mean. I hate it when i'm starving. I don't like to control my lust of eating. I'm just doing what i love to do. Feels like punching someone's face right now.

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