Oct 17, 2010

a farewell

it's been awhile since i kept this story. cause it's some kinda personal and sensitive to me. well, i never really mentioned that i am not earning my monthly pays anymore all right. for this is about 4 months now. i'd like to share some photos during my so called performance with bella during the farewell dinner at Renaissance Hotel Melaka back on june this year.

the best thing is, i feel so appreciated when you know that someone is celebrating you. i mean, the farewell party was for me and the other staff my bestfriend kak farah. at least aku boleh tumpang sekaki juga kan? if not, i don't think they'll ever do that to me. hehe. who knows kan? i just work there for about half year and kak farah had been there for almost 3 years. mesti lah kena buat yang terbaik untuk pekerja macam dia kan? well as for me, all of it is more than enough to me. thank you so much. aku bangga betul dapat turut serta. bersyukur sangat. i never think that some of them even like me. well, enough said. time to cut all the craps.

i got precious gift from the department. ya, both of us get it. me and kak farah. i feel so glad. again, appreciated. like totally. 100%.

here's some photos. miss them!

my darlings. PPG!

with the HOD, kak aien. that's the present. i love the gift so much. thanks commercial department

(this picture is too small pula) with commercial department

me covering bubbly by colbie

love this shot. (don't know why)

p/s: the love of my life is preciouscabella. i always fall for her. always. when everyone else are with their own, bella will always there whenever i need her. never disappointed me. never. love bella

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Hirmanto said...

Memorable picture u have...like it