Oct 10, 2010

It's sunday

Sunday means everything to me.my favorite day.but nowadays sunday doesn't mean much to me.i'm unemployed so perhaps i didn't wish for sunday to comes on weekdays.last time when i used to have work,i always wish that saturday and sunday would come soon.now,everything changed.things, they'll always change.so as my life.life change whether for good or bad.it change.i used to hate the chage but now just like i mention earlier,i have to accept changes cause it always occur in life.for once,i felt im changing even if i hate changes so much.and everyone surrounds me is changing.people who used to be with me changes every path along the journey.fortunately,mama and abah never leave me.they're always beside me.i don't know how i'm gonna make it without them.as for now they never dissapoint me.not like the others.they always make promises and fail to fulfill it.it's not like i desperately wanted them to be with me so much but.ahh..the hell?i think to much maybe.let's just enjoy tje change that we've made.

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