Dec 1, 2010

December's here again!

it's December again. I love the month since it'll be my birthday and there's also YES held in Malaysia now so i could have like so much of present since it's YES. haha. perasan. I don't expect the present from people. I'm glad with what i have now. Alhamdulillah. besides, I rarely give presents to others i must say but i did the effort to wish them happy birthday. i have the intention to bought them but apparently i have no money. haha. so, what you give, you'll definitely get back lah. i'm fine with it. i son't mind bout the present as long as i'm alive and that God give me prosperous and healthy life, that'll be great to me; a great present that i could have from God so as long as i live that i could take care for the parents. that's all.

p/s: enjoy the month azwin! it's all yours. :) contended

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