Aug 31, 2011

Merdeka Raya 2011

kuih suji diamond.

chocolate cookies

this year, we celebrates the very first raya with our newbie. kak shida, my sister in year pula akan ada lg newbie sb kak shidah is now expecting. excited!

so, this year is a very special raya to us. celebrate raya at enstek sepang with our beloved nyayi. not as she used to be, she's not in a very good condition after she been attack with stroke. all of us pray that nyayi will be just fine soon. amin.

and and... this is the first raya that i have to give out the green packet and not collecting it anymore.sigh~ how nice if i could just give the empty packet and not the content. haha. eish eish. tak baik. ikhlas ikhlas.

p/s: tak cuti raya. tak sempat nak buat kuih raya pun.

1 comment:

• azra • said...

next year dah tak sambut sorang2 lagi dah, kannnn? :)
happy sangat untuk you! eeeeeeee, rasa nak peluk you kuat2 okay! nanti bulan nov, i nak peluk you! :)