May 9, 2008

should i?

should i be the one you need?
should i be the one you love?
the questions linger from all over
stuck in my head with all the fear

should you be true or lie to me
should you be near or far away
or might be better if its left unsaid
cause precious time will fade away

this full boxes contain with love
and plain heart that needed colors
the one you seek could've been here
and awaits you without a tears

this idea datang bile aku rase semangat seni tu terseru sendiri. biasanya bila kepala kusut memikirkan banyak perihal. tension yang amat sangat sebab final exam semakin hampir. untuk elakkan mengantuk biasenya. akan terilham la macam-macam. this is only for my own satisfaction. which i always prefer whenever i need to feel relief.


En. Manto said...

anda seorg yg bermata besar....

azwin khairuddin said...

sama mcm cartoon character yg aku lukis tu kn?