Jun 11, 2009

Career Workshop

in the bus heading to asahan

1st day: the roomates

me, subba and syia

last day: with syafik otw back

The Career Workshop- this is the one that I’ve been waiting for! So excited to write about this.it happen on 8th May at asahan,jasin. the place is like in front of the place when i did the NS. so, it was like going back to your own place.

At first I don’t think that I’m able to go to this workshop because it cost about RM 200. i don't want to trouble mama and abah coz i knew if i wanted to, they'll definitely try their best to make me happy. I was very happy when mama tells me that she’ll surely try her best to give me the money to get involve with the camp. I was very grateful.

The best part is, subba and zetty will join us too. Dapat gak la spend about 3 days and 2 night together. i miss them so much. we don't spend much time together lately. things change, alright.

The roommate at the camp are syia, azra, Julie, zetty and subba. Overall, the workshop is very satisfying and I really enjoy it so much. Alhamdulillah. plus i gain essential knowledge there. glad-fully.

p/s: tu cuma sesetengah je gambar-gambar yang ada. lagipun tak dapat nak bergambar sangat sebab time buat activity tak boleh bawak handphone, leceh. well, ada rakan yang dapat snap picture aku sedang tidur. sila la cari kalau jumpe ye. hint* nama blog dia syia lew lew.


EnManto said...

x jumpe pon pic tu :(

syia said...

uiks..win nk PICs SAGIL! huwaaa

azwin khairuddin said...

tu la pasal. camne nk bg syia ni.. well, skrg semua ade kecuali syia. if syia tak dpt dr win syia still leh amik dr syafik or azra. syia kat kl kan pasni?