Jun 7, 2009

Retail Exhibition

our baby- ROSE MALLOW project

front view of rose mallow

with the lecturer, madam azlin

Wah.. The semester break has begun! Just 2 weeks for me to prepare for the next battle. Perhaps and hopefully the final battle to face. rasa macam baru semalam masuk mmu, macam baru semalam aku tinggalkan zaman persekolahan. Time flies, my life changes even don’t

feel like really ready yet. But still… it’s beyond my control. I used to hate it, but now I kinda feel like get used with it and try to fit in and be as flexible as I could. With God will ya…

Ok! This entry is about the retail exhibition. Aduhai.. how time flies kan? Cepat betul, last time sibuk dengar azra, qilah bebel-bebel reminding me and asking me when to do the library model. We always postpone it. i mean me, syafik and julie since we are in one group for this project. Ada je benda nak buat, ada ja halnya. Guess, when we started to do the model? 2 days before the retail exhibition. Gile? Yes we are...

the groupmate with our bestie, subba.

with azra at her library

The first day buat model tu with Julie. Obviously, it looks awful and really can tell that the library model is a last minute work. Even I myself can’t even look at it. Haha. Sori Julie, we had tried our best kan? Time tu masing-masing buntu dengan masalah. Keje nak selesai cepat dengan FYP lagi kan? So.. memang outcome nya akan jadi camtu. but this moment that I’ll miss the most. Buat keje last minit.

Early on the second day itself, Julie came to my house and we tried to finish the model ASAP. Julie hasn’t done her FYP yet and we have to burn the softcopy of FYP into cd. Evening, she got back and syafik came to see the progress.

Guess what? He got shocked. Memang cepat dah siap tapi sangat serabai.haha. Then, we decided to re-do the library.. ya! I was damn tired but as I worried that ours will be the ugliest and serabai-est model, so I agree je lah. Fortunately, my FYP is almost done.

The whole day trying to finished up the model. Sleepy but what to do, kena gak siapkan kalau tak, nak tayang apa kat exhibition tu nanti. Hari pertama aku buat dengan Julie berdua sebab syafiq ade hal kena balik kl, hari kedua pula aku buat dengan syafiq. Julie datang pagi tu then she need to compile her FYP since the due date for FYP tu same date with the retail exhibition. It was damn tension. Even aku dah wat awal-awal sikit tu pun kelam kabut gak, mana nak print mana nak burn cd la apa. Gile kusut hidup time tu.

BUT.. it all paid off. After the hard work dan tak tidur langsung tu….sempat gak we all settle everything on time. Alhamdulillah, and we did very well for that ‘last minute project’. thanks to madam azlin and fellow judges. Seriously, I didn’t expect that, doing that crazy thing and get great marks in return. Really worth it. Bayangkan la betapa cuaknya time tu, risau takut tak sempat siap je library model tu. Again, how time flies huh? It’s like yesterday hearing the mumbling, worrying about the undone library since everyone had started and our group is still zero, thinking of the date of exhibition which is the same day with FYP submission, and so forth. Now? I’ve passed it all. Sekelip mata. Speechless I am…

syafik and julie

me, doing the write-up for Rose Mallow Project


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