Jun 28, 2009

denali baby

it was 22 june. syia came from taiping to melaka since she had something to be settled for the graduation. then, she need to collect her transcript the next 2 days. so, she asked me to help her collect the transcript and i asked her to put the receipt (so i can collect it for her) inside my post box coz i was not home.

dipendekkan cerita, as i arrived home aku cepat-cepat tengok post box nak cek sebab syia ada tinggalkan duit sekali. then, i was so shocked when i see there's a parcel (hmm..dianggap parcel ke?boleh la kot. sukati je). cek punya cek. it was for me and i knew who posted it even the sender doesn't even mention the name. nama dia sebenarnya dah tertulis kat cd tu pun.

bukak-bukak je. aku dah jerit bila nampak ni..

this really made my day that day. seriusly. i was a bit out of mood that time and i was very thankful and glad with the cd. i love the cd. oh ya. and the card is lovely also. i love the writing and the word especially 'this was how i get to know you'

p/s: thank you so much, for knowing me.


syia said...

win..thanks yek.. wei..sape yg bg tu?

azwin khairuddin said...

ure welkam. nama de denali. hehe