Jun 13, 2009

new semester

The holiday’s going to be over soon. Guess it ended already yeah? I have like only three days for class next trimester/semester because I registered only 2 subjects for the semester and it’s like only 6 credit hours for me. Basically, I have like only 6 hours for classes every week. Which makes me feel like so silly for not taking that particular subjects in previous semester. Sigh. I should be grateful somehow because I don’t think I could make it if I had to take the 8 subjects. Last trimester was a nightmare man… like seriously! I can’t imagine how I would be if I ever take the 8 subjects. i didn't want to end up fail all the subjects taken. I took 6 subjects instead for previous trimester and it was like ‘I had enough’. No, I don’t simply do that decision. I asked people bout it. The issue was like really bothering me last time. Like my head is going to blast thinking of it. Really! I asked the lecturer and coordinator also and they were like saying ‘It is not a big deal to extend the semester if you think that you can’t make it though.’ Yes, I don’t have to push myself either to struggle for the 8 subjects since it’s like kinda a lot weyh. (tapi ye ke? it was like hell last trimester siot. i push myself like fcuking seriously nak mati and i struggled like no one could ever imagine i could did that shit, man). I asked friends and they also been telling me the same thing. It doesn’t matter what my decision is, I have to bare the risk. Ohh… God help me.

I tell myself not to regret on things, alright. Then, I know there’s always reason for everything that happens. If I were to take too much subjects I might failed one of them and it will be like so wasting time and money. I’m not like the others, I know I can’t fail any subjects coz the loan won’t pay me anymore and we are not able to pay the fees if I have to retake any of the subjects. The money we have will only sufficient for the 2 subjects left for me. I have to study hard.

While others were enjoying their night and day shopping and going places they love to go, I will always be beside my parents helping them at shop or resting at home. (tipu! ada gak la keluar cuma berbanding dari yang lain, masa aku terhad. bukan sebarang-sebarang leh keluar tak tentu masa). While others have big or special present from their parents like cars, pants, laptop or anything because they pass the exams, I will be beside the parents still-sharing the happiness and victory of mine. For me, that’s the best things ever. Anugerah terbaik untuk aku adalah restu, berkat doa mereka, teguran dan nasihat, juga kasih sayang mereka yang tak da sempadannya. (aww, I sounds poyo). Apa salahnya aku bantu mereka selagi terdaya. Aku sangat sedar mereka berhempas pulas membesarkan anak-anak. Kadang-kadang tak sanggup aku tengok. Aku harap dapat ringankan beban mereka satu hari nanti dan balas jasa mereka. Aku terdengar kat al-kuliyah, ustaz tu cakap ‘menunaikan satu permintaan kecil ibu bapa ibarat berpuasa sunat atau menunaikan sembahyang sunat selama setahun’.

i was fortunate indeed coz this time, my sister gets her salary and she gives me a treat at marrybrown. Well, despite the hardship I faced as compare to others, I still able to have fun in my own way. Some friends understand me totally. not to forget, the bf too.. we can still go dating. Perhaps if the parents have extra money, they allow me to have fun with friends. Sometimes I save some money to watch movies and spent time with friends. I can still go places I wanted to go, mungkin tak ke semuanya tapi ada lah sikit-sikit. rather than nothing. We planned it earlier so I can save some money for it. Example, I and friends are planning to go vacation since some friends had already finished study. Hopefully, jadi lah the vacation.

So, here I am, left with only 2 subjects for the last trimester studying in MMU, Melaka (hopefully. Amin). The subjects are Malaysian economy and one elective subject, small business management. The elective I registered is actually a major subject for entrepreneur students. I just simply want to try that subject particularly because other elective subjects for marketing students are not offered. Poor me. I’ve planned to take B2B or Sales Management for my elective.

Several pictures from previous semester.

with syafik and erin

with syia

with subba

me, poh lin, syafik and jules during retail exhibition

dramatari @ mmu

retail trip at kampung jawa: azra, khei, julie, juejue, me and syafik

kursus kahwin with juejue, azra, and syia. (eh? sem ni ke eh? lupa)

at career camp with GDO- subba, zetty and julie

roomate at the camp - syia, azra, zetty, subba, and julie

with syafik at lecturer's office. going to meet madam Z

with syafik at DP

with julie at pasar malam after the finance exam

with syafik at pasar malam

congrats babe sebab da grad. will surely miss u, Aqilah

azra and syafik at mahkota

our night class. strategic marketing

at the jetty with syafik and julie

with julie after the dinner- asam pedas, KL terbaik!

love this picture.

p/s: there's a lot more pictures that i wish to share but i'm having difficulties to make it. garhh~


Que-Anne said...


win..ill miss u too!
my chit chat buddy in class..

isk isk

syia said...

win..win.. huwaaa.. dh miss gle kut kat win..win kelas hari apa je?

azwin khairuddin said...

->que-ann. serius weyh. gila xbest tanpa korang. how's everything qila?dah strt cari kerja ke ape

azwin khairuddin said...

->Syia. tu la pasal syia.. mg miss la kat korg. syia katne skrg ni? kelas win hari selasa 8-11, rabu 5-6, jumaat 2-4. 6jam je waktu kelas seminggu.

Que-Anne said...

enggak keje lg..
kami nk pindah so dok sibuk packing semua tu..
tp sambil2 tu cr part time job ler..

mcm mana MMU huhu sihat??

azwin khairuddin said...

u made me feel touched and miss u guys la. gile kosong mmu. muka junior je. mcm dah xde saper2

Anonymous said...


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