Jul 8, 2009

complaint on changes

now that the country is working towards its ninth malaysia plan, one of it is to be the knowledge based country or what so ever. well, higher institutions are also a lot in the country. kenapa aku skema ni. straight to the point la, as refer to my previous entry my sister is somewhere else to continue the studies. semua orang berlumba-lumba nak ada degree dan yang sewaktu dengannya (ye ke?).

life, world, people.. everything is changing. as what i've learn today at small business class, innovation is important though it refers to the products and services but i still feel it can be applied in our daily life- the surroundings.

earlier this day, someone step on my slippers (dan nyaris jatuh tersungkur. haha) and not even bother to say sorry. i knew we were in a hurry but is it really hard to be nice to others. then, after the class just now this one girl hit my ears with her umbrella, she was busy talking to one guy across the road- STUPID! she won't bother also. maybe it was just me who take things so hard and maybe i ever did that kinda things previously and now it turn to me back. like people say-karma, what goes aroud comes around. it hurts but even hurt when people don't care to apologies.


syia said...

uik..win ok x ni?

• ɐɹzɐ • said...

ala cian win nehhhh.
nnt dtg kl, azra pujuk win ehh?
nnt nk bwk kamera then amik gmbr byk2.
azra gile. tau.
da xde keje. so asek gelak jek.
ok, abaikan.

azri othman said...

win.. kalo lenkali orang buat camtu.. sepak aje lutut orang tu! pastu cakap 'OpsS!!'.. pastu blah cam tak bersalah.. whoah hahaha

azwin khairuddin said...

syia: win ok jek sekarang tapi time tu mg bengang la.

azra: i pun xsabar nak jumpe u ni. kite bergambar byk2. jadi cam whore jap.muahx!!

azwin khairuddin said...

azri othman: haha. idea yg agak bernas tu tapi win ni orgnya lemah lembut. kata orang la bukan win yg kata. haha. tu yg agak mustahil nak wat camtu kot