Jul 1, 2009

another changes

it's already july and the third week of the trimester. OMG! am i still not moving or i don't even dare to realize that i did? the time is tick tacking, man. i was just a little girl before and did i even grow yet? (no i'm not. i'm small.. hehe). have i done with the school yet? work? that's too far, babe (well, actually i'm in the middle. going to finished with the degree in less than 3 months time and probably will work at some place someday). i'm still not ready. unprepared. how am i supposed to work? to do things my own? did i ever did that? oh, i'm not sure. perhaps i did but i just simply don't wanna admit it. ;p

well, what shall i do? just try to be as flexible as i will? pray a lot to find a suitable jobs for me? oh, before that i must pray a lot to end the study life as soon as possible? i don't know what i want. will time wait till i find the answer? NO.

but i have too much dreams to achieve, to accomplish. for that matter of fact, i know i have to find a job. (or jobs have to find me, either way..hehe) i need to get paid and achieve the dreams. amin. let's just see.

p/s: the picture below describe me at this current moment. yeah yeah nana balik this week.


azri othman said...

Best Of Luck Win!!

azwin khairuddin said...

thanks ;p

syia said...

win..study elok2 dulu..lps habis je..seriously akn blur cm syia hehe :)

azwin khairuddin said...

haha. blur ek? adoii. risaunya

JO said...

alala, keciannya. nanti anta anak2 kuceng eyh. so that they could entertain u. thihi.

also chayok2 in finding the new job. anyway, nice blog. and u've just been followed! xoxo,

azwin khairuddin said...

hello jo. haahaha. well, anyway u're so nice. thnks but i'm actually tak berapa suka kucing. lagi buat my life miserable ade la nt.hehe.