Oct 9, 2009

the semester end/break

it starts next week. i am at the computer lab trying to pay the fee using cimbclicks for the first fucking time. so pissed off and tensed right now.

well, the exam is over for me since my last paper on Wednesday 2 days back to be exact. hopefully, i'll pass it through. i have to! mesti! harus! wajib! untuk lulus dan grad dengan cepat supaya boleh dapat salary.

so..N.O.W. i will take a rest for several weeks about one or two then after the result came out about 2 weeks time, we'll see then. if everything goes well, then i will start searching for jobs like the others. in a meanwhile biar aku abiskan movie-movie yang dah lama tertunggak kat dalam lappy nicky aku tu. apparently, i have few lists in mind untuk apply company apa. tapi rezeki tuhan je yang tahu. i will try my best to get a job ASAP. insyallah. that's it. i'm off.

p/s: masih tak sedia nak upload gambar rambut baru. selamat!

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