Nov 26, 2009

changes (again?)

k. everything surrounds me are changing. i have finished my studies (but currently not officially graduated as my status doesn't appear as 'grad'. i wonder why. after so many years in mmu i still don't really understand how the system goes.) today is a big day for me. kinda. i have too much things to do. still! thought that i don't have to do much things at one time but i still have to do that even i had no more assignments or coursework to be done.

life. it is important to become a multi task person you see. very stressing, tiring. but what option do i have left? none. oh, well there is. but if i took the wrong direction i might have collapse or lost the big opportunity in life. that's not really good sign for me though.

and my love life sux. i know that. i'm not good at loving people i guess. but i'm pretty sure i love hating others. haha. yeah. it's hard for me to list what i love but it's very easy to list what i hate. i love to live a simple life but sometimes (or often) life becomes so complicated to me. or probably i choose it to be that way. whatever.

i have less friends now. i have like only mama and abah and few trusted friends to count on. though i really need them right now (but not quite sure what is it for. just need them. nothing in particular). might be because now i have come to my senses that i have to be independent. this is the time for me to go on my own. even i hate that fact so much i have to face the reality. it is happening whether i like it or not whether i'm ready or haven't. i should tell this to my interviewer la. i know that this is the time. i have to be ready and i am ready. to stand on my feet. but can i still ask mama abah to accompany me to the interview? hhehehe. for the support ok. don't get me wrong.. i need them. badly. i want to be with them at all time. i want them to stay with me wherever i may go. the end.

p/s: love doesn't always come our way. we have to seek. yes! but i bet this is not my time to love. i should have notice this from the first place. i am so stupid. well, opportunities always come when we least expect it. good luck!

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