Nov 27, 2009

no one

if this is what i want. then i'll get it. if i am not sure what is it, then no one would. try asking others, they probably can give you so many reasons and opinions but the truth is only you who know what you really need. try to stick with what your heart said. be true to yourself let the heart say it out loud. listen to them carefully.

it's already aidiladha eve. i am ready with my baju kurung wanted to go to enstek. a gathering with nyayi (granny) and the rest. my uncle is getting married. yes. uncle and he's almost 60 but still maintain. hehe. he's a single parents since 3 years back.

i have to move on with life. i am so keen to achieve many things in life right. i should carry on and do my best. the rest, redha and tawakal. i know if it's still not the time, it won't come. rezeki ada dimana-mana. i always believe that everything happen for reasons.

i remember this one. "if we're down for nothing, God's up to something". it's always about time. i still get it no matter what because that is what i need and want. i'll do my very best for it. and still we can only planned, tuhan yang menentukan. dia lebih mengetahui apa yang terbaik untuk aku. and i always pray that i been given strengths to get over all the obstacles.

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