Feb 18, 2010


my routine life has changed.
during weekdays, morning i will wake up at 6.30am
then get ready to work.
at 1pm during break
mama will fetch me to go lunch
on the evening 5.30pm
mama awaits me after work.
sometimes she had to wait almost an hour
and sometimes im the one who waits.
but it always been her waiting for the daughter.

during weekend! which i eagerly wait everyday
we'll go jalan-jalan.
usually i have prepared the plan which place to go.
badminton, makan-makan, beach-ing, playing guitar etc. etc.

it seems that now everything just goes by
on a glance the days had gone
i just notice that i've been working for almost 2 months.
the question is, can i survive another 50 years?