Aug 16, 2010


i'm hoping that all the wish would come true. i desperately hope it will.

insyallah i know with God's will, if it's meant for me then it will be. just a matter of time. i wish that i had a job that suits me. at least a job that i feel like like to do. i know that we can't always have what we wanted to have. well, i can still have a try until i finally gets it right?

life had turn me upside down and unfortunately i'm still standing still. kenapa la tak jatuh je sekarang ni? haha. at least i know how to holding on, how to be strong even it's not as easy as saying it. i've gone through hell. but no one's are allowed to take all that away from me. though it's my hard time, i really am glad to have it with me. at least it makes me become stronger. lesson learn is always the best medicine to cure every unpleasant feelings.

i wish i'll have the strength to stood still onwards. by all means, i try to rise on my own. if it's not me who wanted so much to help myself at the first place, how can anyone else surrounds me got the opportunity to even help me? remember (Azwin) you must try to help yourself before thinking of help from people's surrounds. they can't do anything if it wasn't you who took the effort. you have to push yourself. harder this time. hardest next time.

time. will always cure the pains.

p/s: currently listening to hero by enrique iqlesias. and kosong by dewa. :/


• azra • said...

xramai org yg mampu berdiri lagi selepas jatuh dan berusaha untuk mencipta kejayaan utk diri dia sendiri tanpa berputus asa.

i bangga dgn u.

/clap clap

azwin khairuddin said...

thank u dear. i miss u. nanti i dah kerja and ada duit kita gi vacation sama-sama eh? xsabar

• azra • said...

i pun xsabar...