Dec 15, 2010

around the corner

let's review my wishlist. excited! how nice if we could always get what we wish to have in just one click. but life's just the way it is. so, below is the list for the birthday this year that i ought to have. (the list is according to the most priority to the least priority ;p )

1. great skin home and away set promotion by Clinique. syiokkk 700% if i could have this, merry clinique! great gifts, great values.

the set separately if i didn't get the chance to have the Christmas set (above picture).

2. Mahathir Mohamad biography. another must-have list for the birthday.

3. Calendar alarm. table clock that have the date. kalau tak dapat jam tangan asalkan ada jam ni pun jadi lah.

please let me have all that i've listed.

p/s: most of all, I thank Allah for this year birthday is a blast to me since i've been given the best present of all. Alhamdulillah.

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