Dec 7, 2010

a celebration

with the cousin ; me, miss ell, e'ein

all time favorite; nasi buhari by pakuda

the cake for birthday boy

first of all, happy new year to all muslims around the world. awal muharam of 1432 hijrah is today as we hear of maghrib azan. Alhamdulillah, God had given us life to stood here still and witness His beautiful creature across the nation.

I'm back to hometown, Johore to celebrate my cousin's son birthday and aqiqah. the son is turning 1 on 7th December which is equal to awal muharam 1432 this year. Life had been upside down for me this few days but I believe that everything happens for reason and that's what makes me stronger and always try my best to look into brighter sight.

i'd like to share some pictures taken during those days spent with my family.


Rudy said...

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azwin khairuddin said...

suka sgt perli eh? ;p