Dec 4, 2010

the gift

the gift by Cecilia Ahern

Bought this yesterday. i finally made my dream came true by having the book of P.S. I love you. It's like i have had the complete set for P.S. I love you since i've already watch the movie and already had the book. haha. entah apa-apa.

the picture above is one of the promotion package for Cecilia Ahern book. must get! it has a very competitive price for three books is inside that lovely box. I'm glad that i finally have it. :) i can't actually recall what was the books inside but i'm sure they have P.S. I love you (of course. that was why i bought it), the gifts and where do rainbow end (i'm not so sure the exact title and i'm too lazy to check. haha)

ok that's for now.

p/s: at batu pahat. for akikah of my cousin's son. makan. makan. makan.


Tengku Rudy said...

hahaha..pinjam aa

azwin khairuddin said...

Tengku rudy la pulak. :) mana main pinjam2. Bayaq sewa ah.