Jun 3, 2009

Retail Trip

The main purpose of the outing this time is because of the retail report that need to submit on 6th April. As refer to the title, we all have a great trip during that fine day (11th march). WE are me, syafik aka duckie, jujue, azra, khei and julie

Retail trip report for 5 locations in Malacca which are:

  1. Kampong Jawa

  2. Bukit Beruang Night Market

  3. Jongker Street

  4. Madam Kings

  5. Little India

Our favorite lecturer, Madam Nurazlin aka mama Lin told that we can do the trip together with friends but the report will be accessed individually.

Tapi ada cerita kelakar pula, tiba-tiba time aku nak buat report tu aku confused. We are supposed to describe the four principles of retailing concept for the selected places. It’s about customer orientaton, coordinated effort, value driven and goal orientation. Ok, aku memeningkan kepala orang lain pulak ni. Basically, it’s something like this la.

I tried to ask some friends and they told me to check the MMLS (some place where the students can download notes from the lecturer and where announcement will be made for the specific subjects). Duh.. I sounds complicated.

Well, I just wanted to tell that the lecturer had uploaded/ announce one love letter given by unknown students that asked about the retail report. But, he/she sound rude to me. To not mentioning who are they and claimed that he/she is behalf of their friends or what so ever and the worse part is he/she was like trying to teach the lecturer pula. Adoi! I don’t know, after reading the email that’s the only thing came to my mind. Mama Lin kata show yourself la kan. plus she won’t reply to strangers. Lebih kurang camni la the lecturer reply. Ya la, be professional. There’s nothing wrong to ask. Tapi apa salahnya to show some respects and do it properly. Tak da nama pun.. cam mana?

Then I saw another announcement from the lecturer and it’s called ‘suggested format’. She sounds a bit mad (i think so), saying that the format is for our guidance so we can have a better and clearer picture how to do the report. Sangat membantu kan? That’s why she is our favorite lecturer. She is fun. Her class is entertaining, interesting and same goes to her assignments/projects. She tries her best to help us get high marks for coursework. Seriously, just do as what she said. Mesti ok punya lah.

I took several marketing subjects with her. This subject, Retail management is one of the most fun subjects for marketing students sebab assignmentnya best. 10% for retail trip and 40% for retail exhibition. Both projects are very interesting to me. Kalau lah retail trip haritu jadi ke Kelantan mesti lagi seronok. tapi tak jadi, sebab tu ke melaka sahaja. apa-apa pun, this trimester memang agak challenging la yet interesting.

p/s: during this trip aku beli topi. hehe. then makan-makan. xsangka pula ada kedai jual satay and rojak mamak kat situ. the food was nice. tapi mungkin sebab tengah kelaparan kot.


dila john said...


aku suka tgk pic org makan,
sb aku suka sgt makan..

ngeee ~ ~ ~

azwin khairuddin said...

aku pun sama suke makan gak!

RainMe LeoBellicose said...

Wah.. looking so fun there...
Dah lama aku xpegi air terjun.
Sejuk, tu tak tahan

azwin khairuddin said...

hehe. air terjun best..