Jun 4, 2009

Sagil for picnic

15th April 2009 We went to Sagil. bawak dua kereta. me and syafik at syia's checky weeky and julie and azra at khei's bob. so, we depart around 9am and it's raining. thanks. aku doa banyak-banyak supaya dapat mandi gak. fortunately, sampai je sagil hujan dah stop dan bila hujan turun lagi we all dah nak balik pun. ramai orang la that day. ade gak terserempak dengan budak-budak mmu. memandangkan aritu ari cuti untuk melaka.

yeah! spot me friend...

We actually wanted to go to any beach near melaka. ada la beberapa pantai on our list which are pengkalan balak, pantai puteri and PD. After some argument of this and that, we finally came to the final decision to choose Sagil as the place for us to have fun or shall we call it picnic. We planned it since about several weeks before. we should do the picnic before the midterm break which is on march but due to some difficulties and so forth we have to post pone the picnic. Sedihnya.

sangat best kat sini macam tak nak balik je.

Well, here we are.. having so much fun walaupun banyak gambar-gambar yang menarik telah hilang sebab syafik terdelete. I mean, maybe it was not even his fault at all.. time dia tengah godeh-godeh tu boleh pula gambar hilang. So, everyone put the blame on him. Kesian.

punya lah excited nak pegi 'so called picnic' ni kan, we always sit and gather to discuss what should we do, when should we depart from melaka, what to bring and many more. we brought nasi goreng kampung that my mum cooked but actually we paid some for the food sebab mama nak guna barang orang dia tolong masak je, we brought air kotak also, and nugget that julie and azra fried.

the boys: khei and syafik

the girls: jules, azra,me and syia. i was about to said 'kejar the camera' sebab camera sedang nak jatuh.

i'm still having fun even i have a sore throat that day. i bet they all must not forget how i scream. gila tak best. jadi lawak ada lah.

obviously, we are so much fun to be with!

don't be jealous. this is the favorite picture for the day

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