Aug 17, 2010

wishing upon

i've been told that the album leaf is coming to Malaysia. this coming September, 7th. can i go mama, abah? i wish i could. i wish i can be there. to be part of it. just to watch them.

no. i wish too much for i have so much of wishes in life i could not get this one though just like the other several wishes before. nevermind. i'm not here complaining. i'm just explaining and expressing what i feel. the same feelings. we can't always get what we wish to have. trust me.

i'm happy to be here at home. i know i'm a person who love to play it safe. to not fly too high for i hate to fall down. the higher it gets the more hurt it caused and i am afraid of pain that can't be cure and which it might take a longer time to heal it. so i rather be here with all my 'guts'. thank you