May 22, 2012

from Europe with love

Salam and Good Day!

I had a wonderful experience to be shared here. Been to my Europe trip this year March, 8th until 20th. It was like a dream come true for me.

Kelana Convoy was our tourist guide for 9 days and the remaining days we were in London on our own.

For the first day as we arrived in Paris Orly airport we straight away took a van to the train station to catch our Eurotrain from Paris to London. We already did a prebooked ticket to we can't miss the train. Sadly, we missed it but fortunately it's not our fault since the train took off early before the said time. We were so glad that we didn't have to get another new ticket cause it will caused us half a thousand. it was cheaper to made a prebooked online. the train was cozy and comfortable.

As arrived in London, it's already late evening. We have to take a cab to our hotel. we stayed in Ventures Hotel in Sussex Garden. We then went for a bus tour around London but it was the last bus tour so we didn't manage to get ourself down to tour here and there on our own. The next day early in the morning we have to catch our train to Old Trafford, Manchester. Husband made a prebooked train ticket from London to Manchester for the 4 of us which is me,husband, cousin keon and brother adib. We're in Virgin train for about 2 and half hours. the trip to Old Trafford was a day trip and we also went for a tour to the stadium. It was husband's dream come true.

third day, we ought to gather at a park as a pick up point for Kelana Convoy. there are almost 60 people for this trip and it was nice to actually met with new friends. All of them are Malaysians that studied in Japan, works in Abu Dabi, and most of the others stays in Malaysia.

It all then starts tour with Kelana Convoy. We only paid around 550 pounds for that 9days trip tour to 6 countries and they covered our accomodations and meals. We had nasi lemak, meat curry, and other Malays cuisine. Sedapnya!!!

Ya Allah, too much to be told. ok, let's just cut this short. you can also visit kelana's convoy site for more informations. and you can also find and add them in facebook. kelana convoy.

6 countries consists of touring to London, Netherland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Paris.

There are so many interesting places that we had went. I was so happy that i finally get to see Eifel Tower with my own eyes. Alhamdulillah. i thank god for this oppurtunity. husband had made very hard effort to make my dreams come true. I love him and i knows that he loves me too.


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